mark mccombsAny time I can use the word “bilk” in a post, like only journalists do, it’s a fun day. But not for Calumet Park. A partner from the giant firm Greenberg Traurig was criminally charged with overbilling the Village out of $1 million since 2003. The firm has “cut ties” with him. Lawyer Mark J. McCombs did not pocket the money himself, as it went to the firm, but he did it to make himself look good in the eyes of the firm. Before you think of that as ironic, let me tell you that I had a case with these clowns, and it was apparent that being a complete jerk was the way to the top at that place. They are proud of it. And with three attorneys involved at every little step–two kid jerks and one giant jerk–it made you wonder whether they could be liked by anyone, even a dog. Their paralegal told me privately that the staff all hated them. The fun part was during the trial when their witness referred to a video and on cross exam the judge allowed me to order around one of those lawyers in using the video like they were my assistant. So in case you felt one ounce of sympathy for the guy, don’t. In another apparent attempt at irony, prosecutors requested $1 million bail, but the judge set it at $25,000 cash.

Janitor Realizes She Cleans Up After US Bank CEO After Being Foreclosed and Evicted by, You Guessed It, US Bank.

The Minneapolis union worker’s salary was $26,000, which was about the same as her outstanding medical bills after her insurance company refused to cover a stomach tumor which they said was a preexisting condition. (I’m glad they caught that fraud). Despite one refinancing deal, which turned out to be an adjustable rate, Rosalina Gomez’s house had gone to a sheriff’s sale and her family was given until March 11 to vacate. Meanwhile, Richard Davis, US Bank CEO, was set to receive an “Executive of the Year” award at banquet on February 28! The union found out about this absolutely hilarious scenario and used it as part of its ongoing battle to negotiate a better contract for the janitors. The Bank agreed to try to modify her loan but denied it was due to any public shaming. No, there is no shame in that.

Lawyers Have Email? State Legislature Reportedly Astonished. “Just Found Out!”

The State just passed a law allowing a County Clerk’s office to give notice of things by email instead of regular mail. There’s not much to comment on here–except it’s 2010. The legal profession is always the last to change. Of course, we are still standing in line to file stuff.